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Your Community Support Study© - Our approach is to gauge your community’s willingness to support your organization’s aspirations through a confidential interview process that analyzes the four key building blocks of a successful campaign:

  1. Support for the rationale of your project – the Case for Support

  2. Financial support for your project from individuals and foundations

  3. Leadership of your project from the board and community

  4. Organizational internal preparedness for your project related to staffing and systems.

It is critical that these be done by impartial third parties, not by staff of your organization, so that honest opinions can be expressed in confidential interviews.


At the conclusion of the study, your organization will receive a report containing full details of the study methodology, participants, and results. We will also analyze the findings, and create recommendations and plans for follow-up. You will get a road map and know why that avenue was recommended.

Campaign Process - Three possibilities may arise at the conclusion of your Community Support Study : 1) your constituents are eager to support your ambitions with their time, talent, and treasure and you are ready to proceed with a campaign; 2) there are critical issues that need to be resolved before proceeding; or 3) there is inadequate support for a campaign.


With findings #1 or #2, avenue2possibilities LLC will design an appropriate timeline and plan for a successful campaign, and once approved, will work with your organization as counsel on a retainer basis. Whether the process is to get the agency ready for a campaign or to initiate the many phases of a fundraising campaign (lead gifts through public campaign) both partners of the firm will work directly with your board, staff, and volunteers to provide a continuity of attention and service. We may, at times, recommend outside vendors that we work with to provide counsel on issues relating to database clean-up or communications planning. We receive no financial benefit from these relationships.

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